Upword's music is uniquely captivating.

An underground Hip-Hop artist who is mostly interested in creating moments in his music rather than creating "hits."

Mostly interested in knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known.


He's been described as "a lyrical monster" ...part emcee, part spoken word artist and part vocalist.

Seamlessly blending the 3 styles and incorporating live instrumentation into his live shows...

Upword is able keep things very interesting.

He was invited back twice to perform at the House of Blues (Anaheim, CA)

After being voted "Best of the Best" as part of the Detour series for new up and coming bands from across the nation.


After stepping away from his music for a short period of time to start and raise his family.

He's back...and still driven by an undying passion to share truth about God, our origins and final destinations.

He welcomes you with open arms to join him in his musical journey in doing his part to help advance

The Kingdom of God through the gift of music. Blessings.


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Contact : contact @ acidlabrecords.com