For OneWerd, a rapper and producer from the SF Bay Area, the journey has always been about the music, and vice versa.

Hip Hop for the Bay Area emcee and producer began in the SF bay area amidst a haze of graffiti-based classroom scribbles,

open-mic freestyle cyfers, and the peak of the mid 90’s underground scene.


Over the course of the last decade and a half, he has toured both coasts of the US,

released 7 self-produced albums, collaborated with a plethora of underground names,

and maintained a monthly showcase of local and touring artists in SF’s SOMA district.


 OneWerd’s music and production span a wide spectrum of topics and styles,

ranging from abstract introspection over ethereal synths and layered drumwork,

to breakneck-lyrical cadence over grinding bass textures.

From the humorous, trap-based chronicles of life as the owner of a calculator watch,

to the technically layered lyricism of staying inspired in a steadily deteriorating industry,

diversity of stlye is a key ingredient to Werd’s formula.


 OneWerd has collaborated and shared the stage with Myka 9, Scarub, Aceyalone, 2Mex, Sapient, Gajah, LuckIam, Ceschi, Moodie Black, Brzowski, Bop Alloy, VerBs, Abstract Rude, Candlespit Collective, Adder, Spoken Nerd, and many more.



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