Olmeca is an MC / Producer / activist hailing from Los Angeles, California.

His unique talent in both English and Spanish is one that Olmeca has brilliantly mastered.

A veteran of the L.A. hip-hop scene, Olmeca helped spawn a new trend of bilingual

Hip-hop that has become a growing and respectable art form in recent years.


While everyday people respect with Olmeca’s lyrical content, activists are drawn by his analytical intensity,

hip-hop heads appreciate the edgy delivery, music connoisseurs value the production, and educators utilize

Olmeca’s music in their classrooms to provide a counter narrative.


He joined L.A. based crew, Acid Reign and paid his respects as an underground MC cyphering and battling at the famous

Project Blowed and hip-hop shows throughout the city, performing with legendary MCs.

Later, he became part of the L.A. Latin soul & funk favorite, Slowrider.

As a songwriter and vocalist for this Eastside based Chicano band,

Olmeca quickly became a strong voice as a provocative artist and educator.


As a member of Acid Reign and Slowrider, Olmeca recorded 5 albums before recording

“Semillas Rebeldes”, “Notes”, and “Counter Culture” as a solo artist.

He recently released his latest album, "Brown is Beautiful",

which has already been regarded as a milestone in Latin Hip Hop and culture.

Olmeca’s lyrical delivery is often praised and his content is imaginative and descriptive of our times.


Hip Hop at its core, Olmeca, is often compared to Zack de la Rocha and Talib Kweli. In his production,

Olmeca manages to seamlessly infuse traditional music from Latin America, with 808’s, slap snares, and hard bass lines.

Maintaining his truly unique sound, he compliments his music with an array of samples from Nina Simone to Mercedes Sosa

creating a progressive Latin alternative hip-hop sound that caters to both hip-hop connoisseurs and world music lovers alike.


His music is unapologetic and imaginative, producing art that is rich in music and valuable in content. In doing so,

Olmeca has gained the respect of his peers in Hip Hop’s demanding and unforgiving underground scene,

as well as, established names in the hip-hop and Latin Alternative mainstream music industry.




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