Gajah is the true embodiment of a "conscious MC"...

an avid story teller known to draw from his personal life experiences

and the happenings of the present World to share his outlook with sheer, brutal honesty.


He also has the uncanny ability to take from the past, filtering a renewed perspective,

and cleverly describe the future through creative speculation, painting unforseen images with wordplay.

Equipped with an ever morphing cadence at his disposal,

he is able to dance around rhythms in a conversational manner with ease,

having studied at the World renowned open mic workshop,

Project Blowed in the 90's, developing his own style approach.


In 1996, Gajah co-founded the LA underground staple, Acid Reign,

and has released a number of landmark albums with the group since.

In 2007, he broke out with his first solo project, "Hair Off My Chest",

and has recorded over 10 LP's & EP'son his own over the years,

the majority being released under ALR.


Gajah has worked with Open Mike Eagle, Ceschi, Oh No, Myka 9, 2 Mex,

Self Jupiter, Onry Ozzborn, Tommy V, Volume 10, Graves 33, Duke Westlake,

Abstract Rude, Pigeon John, Aceyalone, Ellay Khule, Uncommon Nasa, Radioinactive,

Chrono Triggers, Kaigen, Shuanise, Herrmutt Lobby, Corina Corina, Willie Green,

Richard Colvaen, Cupp Cave, Mute Speaker, Kenny Segal, Comfort Fit, Portformat and many others.




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