Since 1996, Express Fresh has mesmerized thousands of Hip Hop fans from LA and beyond.

He appears in front of audiences with his horrifically amusing antics and zealous stage presence, provoking responses of every kind.


He uses vivid, avant-garde portraits of worded descriptions conveyed in unique displays of

well concentrated rhyme patterns and impressive awkward phrases.

His strategy is to deliberately fill heads with clues,

while leaving the listener guessing in puzzlement, yet totally addicted and yearning for more.


Express Fresh delivers like no one else in a day and age where similarities and

sound-a-likes flood the music industry, and remains on a crusade to mold a progressive indie sound.

Express attracts the many splendors of a songwriter and poet front man raving over eclectic musical compositions.


His latest release, "God is Gracious"

is now available at all online digital music outlets.



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