Powerful, original, skillful, versatile.

A few words to describe the LA hip hop artist, Beond.


His vocal abilities take you far away from ordinary thoughts, and make you exercise your mind in the process.

He'll take you through a creative World of words with a vibrant artistic flare that will forever be etched in your brain.

His witty verses will make you laugh in excitement,

and his street oriented rhymes have a way of surprising you and leaving you in amazement.


His style is not only fluent, but detailed. He delivers crisp and clean lyrics that move you to be true to yourself.

Like a master of disguise, he can adapt to any beat thrown his way, and display his over the top verbal skills with perfection.


His word play not only justifies why he is respected as an LA pioneer in Hip Hop, but that it takes true dedication to be on his level.

Since day one, he has been building both his artistic craft and business mind frame,

enabling him to force his name on the masses across the World.



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Contact : contact @ acidlabrecords.com