Hailing from the depths of the Los Angeles underground, Acid Reign is ranked amongst the elite.

Proud veterans of the Project Blowed camp, MC's Gajah,  BeOND & Olmeca have been advancing their craft since their first cassette

"Acid Trip...a journey to the..." dropped in 1997.

Since then they have built a pretty hefty catalog, highly noted for their ground breaking release,

"Ready Yet?" in 2003 followed by the duos opus "Time & Change" on Alpha Pup records in 2006,

They continued to push their music and all the boundaries around them. After a brief hiatus and successful solo ventures,

Acid Reign re-grouped in full swing to release their latest LP, "Diversity" on

Uncommon Records. Immediately after the release of Diversity,

Acid Reign went on to start their own label, Acid Lab Records (ALR). Now they are hungrier and

More determined than ever to deliver their forward thinking brand of Hip Hop to the masses at will, with no creative restrictions.


Acid Reign has shared the stage with Kool Keith, Hieroglyphics, Eyedea & Abilities,

Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind Tricks, Typical Cats, Outerspace, Prince Po, Percy P,

Freestyle Fellowship, Buck 65, Evidence, The Visionaries, Ugly Duckling, Aloe Blacc,

Living Legends, RA The Rugged Man, Brother J, Abstract Rude & many more.



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Contact : contact @ acidlabrecords.com